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Wedding Neon Sign Hire

Check out our range of neon signs for hire to add that extra pizzazz to your wedding or engagement! 

Better Together

Better Together Neon Sign Hire

"Better Together" neon sign hire. This is a highly popular item. 

Able to be hung from ceilings, easels or walls (Get creative!) this sums up a wedding in a simple manner!

Size: 1.2m x 50 cm high

$60.00 per night

Love Heart

Love Heart Neon Sign Hire

Simple. Elegant. 

This love heart can be used as a simple statement of love. 

62 cm x 60 cm high

$50.00 per night

Neon Sign, Wedding light, Sign, Neon, Shut up & kiss me, Freo Hire

Shut Up & Kiss Me

Shut Up & Kiss Me Neon Sign Hire

A cheeky, light hearted addition to your wedding or engagement. 

44 cm x 80 cm high

$60.00 per night

Mr & Mrs

Mr & Mrs Neon Sign Hire

A nice simple touch to add to a wishing well, gift table or cake stand. 

Congratulations to the newlyweds, Mr & Mrs ...

Size: 60 cm x 20 cm high

$35.00 per night


A range of creative ways to hang neon signs. 

Easels, stands and other creative ways to light up your event. 

Festoon Lighting

If you require info on our festoon lighting, please select the button below. 

Festoon  Light Hire